Our good friend Wikipedia describes breakcore as followed:

Breakcore is a style of electronic dance music largely influenced by hardcore techno, drum and bass and industrial music that is characterized by its use of heavy kick drums, breaks and a wide pallet of sampling sources, played at high tempos.

As we all know, Wikipedia is NOT a good source for music; and therefore this description is also only partially correct.

Breakcore - A genre on it's ownEdit

Breakcore is not a real genre, to be honest. As some breakcore artist just fool around with samples, distorting them unrecognizably and selling it as being 'art', other artist try to keep the real essence of breakcore; fucking around with the well known 'amen break'. As nobody really cares about the origins of a genre, let's get down to the technical part of breakcore.

Nobody ever made a clear discern about what is breakcore and what is not. The music called breakcore really variates from ambient with some non-music twists too the real deal, the 'real' breakcore: a very dirty hoover, a chopped up amen break played pure randomly at 240+ BPM and a gabber kick to combine the package. A lot of cheesy samples (including pornographic sounds) are mashed into this musical piece at pure luck, in the hope it sounds NOT good. Because that is what breakcore is all about; making the people think: "Is this still music?". With and attitude like the early punk used to have, the breakcore of today just fights against the mainstream music by raping it, piece by piece.